Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tomatoes are in the ground!

*Phew*There are 40 plants in this patch. Nothing much to see yet - except for the beautifully hammered in stakes. There is still one empty garden bed. I might put some zucchini, melons, cucumbers, chillies, etc. in there.

In the back you can see one big garden bed overgrown by weeds and grass. If I can get this weeded soon, I can plant more veggies. It's getting a bit late, though. And we are experiencing very hot days. (Excuses, excuses, I know.)

Anyway, this is a view from a slightly different angle. This shows the whole berry garden. And here is the close-up of the berry beds. Strawberries to the left, then blueberries. And all the raspberries, boysenberries, youngberries, loganberries in the back. Note the funky disco decoration along the wires. We are already harvesting raspberries and hope to ward off the birds with this.

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