Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Planting tomatoes!

I have just planted the first tomatoes. They are the early and cold tolerant ones. Polar Baby and Subarctic Plenty. The Polar Baby is developing flower buds!They went into my raised compost bed that I covered with windows. Just to warm up the soil and to protect the seedlings from cold nights.
The soil is incredibly healthy in there. As can be expected from all the goodies we have thrown in there in the last year.

During the day the windows will come off, if it's very sunny. On a cloudy day I will just prop them open a little bit.
A close up of the seedlings in their new home.The bulk of the other tomatoes will be planted at the end of this month. We can still expect frosts and I don't want to risk losing any.

There is still room at the right hand side of this compost bed. I might plant out some cucumbers and protect them from the cold in there.

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