Tuesday, 23 October 2007

African Pumpkin Stew in Bread Bowls

I had seen these bread soup bowls in Richard Bertinet's "Dough" book and was eager to try them. So, in addition to a medium-sized loaf of bread for lunch, I made these bowls.Then I was eager to try the African Pumpkin Stew recipe provided by a good friend. You know who you are. ;)
(This only started because I was curious to learn which pumpkin is generally used in stews mentioned in the "No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" series.)
So why not combine the two? Pumpkin stew served in bread bowls.
Well, it was very nice, but I think I'd have preferred rice with the stew. And fill the bowls with a 'runnier' stew or thick soup. This stew recipe is great* - it's tasty with a hint of heat. (Use chilli powder as desired, of course.)

*Especially as we really had enough pumpkin soup for this season, thank you very much!

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