Monday, 27 June 2011

Cinnamon/Sultana Pull-Apart Bread

I used this recipe, but changed it slightly. (Surprise, surprise!)
I added sultanas to the dough. Instead of sugar, I used honey. I also added the zest of a whole orange to the dough.

It didn't pull apart as neatly as it could have, but I did squish it into the tin quite a bit. So maybe next time, I'll just put the rest into another tin. Also, I used honey, so the layers stuck together a bit more, due to the honey. If you use sugar, I'm sure it'll pull apart neatly.

The dough squares stacked into the tin.Just out of the oven.A few slices pulled off.
It was absolutely delicious. The grapefruit curd tastes lovely on that bread, too.

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